How do I take care of my mattress?

  • We recommend using a slatted bed base (with slats 7.5cm or less apart) to allow your latex to breathe fully. However, any other bed frame or adjustable base will work just fine for a latex mattress.
  • Keep the mattress away from any heat source, cigarettes or fire.
  • Do not fold or bend your mattress.
  • Your mattress does not need to be flipped or rotated.
  • Keep the mattress away from direct sunlight or UV (i.e. without the inner and outer cover on it) because this can cause the latex to break down and shorten its’ life span.
  • Always use a mattress protector or pad on top of your mattress, just like with any other mattress, as we do not recommend washing the outer cover.
  • The outer cover can be refreshed by simply hanging it outside in the sun.
  • Stains can alter the composition of your mattress if they are left to set in. If you spill something, wash it immediately with mild soap and water. Make sure that all the parts of the mattress are perfectly dry before sleeping on it to avoid any risk of condensation forming inside the mattress.

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