How do I choose the right firmness?

Inside your Khun Mattress are 2 layers of latex; a 15cm base layer and a 5cm top comfort layer. The comfort layer is available in three firmness feels; soft – medium – firm.

Split firmness or dual comfort zone is available for King and Queen size mattresses, allowing a custom feel for either side of the mattress.

Before we can suggest the right firmness for you we need to explain the difference between ‘firmness’ and ‘support’.

‘Firmness’ refers to how soft or firm the bed feels to you. ‘Firm’ to one person may feel as ‘soft’ to another, depending on what mattresses we’re used to sleep on in the past and what we think a mattress should feel like.

‘Support’ on the other hand refers to the mattress’ ability to minimize pressure points and keep the spine aligned. The unique, nonlinear compression profile of a rubber cell makes heavier parts of the body sink into the latex mattress while lighter areas are still supported. This optimal alignment of the spine keeps the pain away and improves blood circulation.

But how do you know which firmness is right for you?

As mentioned before, this is mostly a question of personal preference. A good rule of thumb is that the choice of firmness is related to the weight and position of the sleeper.

For heavier people (weight over 90kg), we recommend our firm mattress, as they will tend to just sink into a softer one which means their spines will not be properly supported. Medium firmness is suitable for someone with a body weight up to 90kg. Very light people and children (weight under 50kg) will sleep better on soft mattresses.

For side sleepers we recommend a softer mattress so the shoulder and hip can sink in more. Back sleepers often prefer a more firm mattress which keeps the back as natural straightened as possible. Same rule of thumb goes for stomach sleepers, a firmer mattress keeps the hips from pushing too far into the mattress and helps to keep the spine better aligned.

And remember, you have 30 days from the date you receive your mattress to be sure you have chosen the firmness level that is 100% right for you. If you decide within that period that you’d prefer it a bit softer or firmer than your original choice, we will replace the top comfort layer of latex.

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