What is covered in the 15 years latex foam warranty?

Khun Mattress warrants that its 100% natural latex mattresses shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 15 years.


Our mattresses are manufactured using the Dunlop process, which provides a heavier, denser mattress that will hold its form for many years to come. We use only 100% Natural latex because adding synthetic latex foam breaks down faster resulting in the sagging of the mattress.

For Khun Mattress firmness and resilience characteristics we refer to TUV/LGA test report 21249978-001.

During the warranty period of 15 years we guarantee a maximum sagging depth of 1.5 cm, the strictest in the mattress industry.

* To accurately measure the sagging depth, stretch a length of string over the entire width of the mattress; use a ruler to measure the distance between the string and the deepest indentation.

Not Covered:

Damage to the latex mattress core caused by misuse, abuse, not complying with Khun Mattress maintenance and care instructions or alterations/repairs performed by third parties and normal wear and tear.

The warranty is voided when the mattress is not protected by its original cover.

Damage caused by not using a proper bed frame. Any bed frame with slats 7.5cm or less apart, or adjustable base, will work well for a latex mattress. Bed frames with wider slats will void the manufacturer warranty, as they can damage the latex mattress.

Terms and conditions

A receipt showing proof of purchase is required.

The warranty only applies to the first, original owner.

Always leave on the barcode.

The warranty excludes transport costs.

If a defect is covered by our warranty, the product will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of our staff.

We may refuse service if the product is in insanitary condition.

The warranty will not be renewed or extended following product replacement or repair.

To return, exchange or in case you have a warranty claim, e-mail us at info@khunmattress.com.

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