How do I choose between 100% Natural or Organic Latex?

ALL our mattresses are made from 100% natural latex. This means we only use the milky fluid tapped from the rubber tree and we don’t add synthetic latex milk to the mixture.

For our organic range of mattresses, the latex milk we use comes from IFOAM accredited organic rubber farms in Thailand.

Organic rubber farms are not allowed to use any chemicals on the plantation (no pesticides or fertilizers), the farmers get a proper wage, and farming practices are designed to help preserve the environment.

So when choosing between 100% natural latex or certified organic, it really comes down to your personal lifestyle. The social and environmental impact of organic latex meets higher standards than that of 100% natural latex but this latex comes with a slightly higher price tag.

But rest assured, both our 100% natural and organic latex mattresses are healthier and more environmentally friendly compared to other mattresses available in the market.

For more information about IFOAM and its organic farming standards, click here.

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