Do you sell baby mattresses?

Of course we do! Let’s explain to you why we are convinced that a natural (organic) latex mattress is the best choice for your little one.

Latex Foam

As you already know, ALL our mattresses are made from 100% natural latex. This means we only use the milky fluid tapped from the rubber tree and we don’t add synthetic latex milk to the mixture. The Khun Mattress baby mattress is certified by ECO-Institut, fulfilling the strictest requirements on hazardous emission and pollutants.

For our organic range of baby mattresses, the latex milk we use comes from IFOAM accredited organic rubber farms in Thailand. This means even more benefits for baby’s health, and the health of Mother Nature.


Like all our regular mattresses, we use GOTS certified organic cotton for the cover, a natural material that allows better airflow and moisture absorption. The cover has a large zip which allows you to remove it easily and wash it.

We do recommend to use an extra mattress protector because as we all know; babies can make a few spills here and there and having a waterproof layer of protection will definitely make midnight-sheet-changes easier.

Firmness and Fitting

When it comes to mattress firmness, you shouldn’t compare what’s comfortable for an adult, with what’s comfortable for a baby.

Actually, the firmer the crib mattress, the safer for your baby. Young babies just don’t have enough strength yet and may sink into a soft mattress and suffocate. Firm mattresses also offer the needed resistance babies need as they learn to roll over, push up, and eventually stand in the crib.
Khun Mattress uses density 80/85; firm, but not rock-hard.

Furthermore, the mattress should be tight-fitting so there is no chance of your baby getting trapped between the mattress and the crib. That is why we customize the mattress to perfectly fit the bed, including curved edges. Just let us know the exact dimensions you need and add a drawing in case you are ordering a non-rectangular mattress. You can simply trace the existing mattress onto a piece of wrapping paper or trace the space in the crib where the mattress would sit. We will use this as our template to cut the mattress.

Benefits of Latex for Babies

Cool, non-sweaty nights

The open-cell structure of natural latex allows optimal airflow. On top of this, natural latex foam has pinholes from the manufacturing process, increasing airflow even more. Both features make the mattress highly breathable and cool to sleep. A useful feature in hot Thailand because excessive sweating is often the cause of night-time awakenings of babies.

Breath cleaner air and prevent allergies

A natural latex mattress is resistant to dust mites because it is an inhospitable environment for them to live in. So, no need to treat the mattress with harmful chemicals against dust-mite allergies as it is already resistant by nature.
Many conventional crib mattresses contain petroleum-based foams, chemical fire retardants and other toxicants. The inhalation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from these toxic mattresses may cause all sorts of health issues, including allergies and respiratory problems.

Sleeping on Khun Mattress, your child will breathe in cleaner air which helps them to stay allergy free.