Why us?

With so many mattress brands, models and material types, shopping for a mattress these days is something closer to a nightmare for many people.

And although we are strong believers that a natural latex mattress is best to sleep on, we also understand that it is not for everyone. If you however have decided that latex is right for you, than Khun Matress might just tick all the right boxes:

  • 100% Natural Latex (watch out for brands that mix in synthetic latex and still pretend it is natural, sneaky business!)
  • simple, no-nonsense design (we just don’t like to over complicate things)
  • eco-friendly; natural latex is recyclable and bio-degradable when it does end up in a landfill (oh, and we will also donate or recycle your old mattress if needed).
  • the latex milk that goes into our foam comes from organic farms who practice sustainable farming methods.
  • our cover by the way is made from cotton, a biodegradable material. Conventional cotton however uses more insecticides and water than any other single crop.┬áThat is why we use only certified organic cotton.
  • reasonably priced. When it comes to buying a latex mattress, you are actually lucky to be living in Thailand! Thailand is the biggest exporter of natural latex, or ‘white gold’, in the world. Our organic plantations are just a footstep away from the factory which means you will have some money left to hide under that mattress. A feeling which can actually help you sleep even better at night ;-).
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